Back office

Did you know there are many support roles in the NHS? Some roles involve providing direct care for patients whilst other roles involve back office roles either in a hospital setting, in the community or in a GP Practice.

Back Office

Without strong financial management, the NHS wouldn't be able to provide medical treatment and clinical care. Managing the finances of a health organisation, whether it is a hospital, ambulance service trust, mental health trust or clinical commissioning group, is like running the finances of a large company.

Working in finance is an example of a support back office role and includes:

  • payroll and pensions - ensuring staff get paid
  • accounts - paying for goods and services, collecting income
  • financial systems - the Information Technology (IT) systems that track all financial activity
  • management information - gathering and interpreting the financial data required to make day-to-day and strategic management decisions
  • reporting - preparing annual financial reports

Watch this video to find out more about working in a finance department.